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The Sirin Sisterhood e-book is live for preorders!

Wow! After three weeks of non-stop crunch, book Two of TSoE, The Sirin Sisterhood, is done! I can't believe it; it was really a pipedream that I would have it done in time for Winter Armageddon, but we managed it!

The physical copies are off to the printer right now, while the e-pub has been uploaded to Amazon and will be available to order right about now!!

Genuinely, I'm kind of stunned by how good it is. My poor husband was right >> It's a lot better than the first one. Not to throw shade at TSoE! That book was my baby, and it was a painful, painful birth, though I don't regret it for a second. But somehow, The Sirin Sisterhood just....flowed together like nothing I could have ever expected, I mean, the cover was done in like, an hour. The first book's cover took two weeks.

I really hope you guys enjoy it was much as I do ;3; we're diving right back in on those messy relationships and catty drama, not skipping a beat!

See y'all in June!



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