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A Court Of Vape-Mist And Vomit

I am so excited to be able to share with you all my brand new short story, A Court Of Vape-Mist And Vomit!

Set two years before The Sons Of Echidna, Lai is trying to enjoy a date night with his reluctant boyfriend, Al. A night on the boardwalk should be nothing but fun and skeeball, but something–or someone– has been calling to Lai from every drop of water he's encountered for the last two days, and it's hard to relax when a mysterious siren is trying to lure you into the ocean.

Wanna see what else is on offer? members of my Patreon get access to bonus, exclusive artwork, extra chapters, and delicious, delicious spicy NSFW artwork, as well as the chance to request what THEY want to see in artwork! And if you're a really, REALLY big fan, you could even be in the book yourself ;)

I hope you like it!

Also! We'll be restocking hair swords sometime next week, and we'll also soon be releasing character candles!! Keep an eye out for exciting new updates 8D

Nga mihi

Athena Bliss

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Bessie Jane
Bessie Jane
Jun 27

Omg say no more about candles take ALL OF MY MONEY

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