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“Buckle up b*ches. Time to get scared and aroused.” — C.C. Davie,The Wytchling Chronicles.


Lucy has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


In her moment of triumph, Lucy wavered. That was all it had taken for her to lose the home she had claimed as her own. Now she and her new family are trapped in the world outside of their sanctuary, with no easy road back to the manor. They need help.


They aren’t the only family of monsters out in the world, though, and ancient feuds threaten to tear apart the very last of what Lucy has managed to save. With hunters on their heels and their only hope of salvation resting in the hands of a mysterious coven of witches, Lucy and the family have no choice but to plunge into the unknown.


This time, Lucy knows she has to be fearless. Reckless. She will pay any price to fix what she has done.


The long awaited sequel to The Sons of Echidna releases on 15/06/2024! Preorder your copy now and secure exclusive bonus loot!


Earlybird preorder pickups available at Winter Armageddeon in Auckland on 14/06/2024 from my booth. Come by, say hello, and grab some extra freebies while you're at it <3


Remember! If you place an order that includes $20.00 or more of merch, use code LOOTHAUL at the checkout for free shipping within NZ!

The Sirin Sisterhood - Autographed, sprayed edges

Orders expected to be fulfilled in time for June 15th delivery to all major cities and towns.
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